Weed, Weed and more "guess what" Weed

Hi again,

I don't know about everyone else! but I am well cheesed off with removing weed from my prop. It is about time the Canal and River Trust decided to Dredge the Mon & Brec.

I realise that they have a heavy workload and are mainly manned by volunteers and we have a shortage of water but we always seem to be the last canal in the queue when it comes to dredging.

I understand that we are "landlocked" thus making it more difficult and expensive, but we pay our licence fees the same as boaters on the other canals.

I am considering setting up a petition. please let me know your views.

Could anybody inform me who is responsible for controlling the undergrowth on the canal banks is it also the Canal and River Trust? The towpath is well kept but the undergrowth on the other side of the canal is becoming a serious nuisance and must be causing collisions especially at the bridges.

Looking forward to your opinions. Happy Boating.

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